2007 Mercedes Benz S350

2007 Mercedes Benz S350

2007 Mercedes Benz S350, a luxurious and elegant sedan that embodies style, comfort, and advanced technology. It is a 2WD model equipped with a powerful 1700cc engine, delivering a balance of performance and efficiency.

The S350 offers a comfortable seating capacity of 5 seats, providing ample space for both driver and passengers.

Enjoy the convenience of Auto Transmission and Multi-Function Steering for effortless and enjoyable driving.

Has features like Power Windows, Multi-Airbags, and ABS prioritize safety and ensure peace of mind on the road. Air Conditioning creates a comfortable cabin environment regardless of the outside temperature.

Power Seat Adjustment allows you to find the perfect driving position for maximum comfort. Stay entertained with FM/AM Radio and enjoy the convenience of the Winker mirror and Paddle shifter. 

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